Villa Teresa
via Rucola, 11
24020 Bratto di Castione della Presolana (BG) - Italy

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Villa Teresa is a wonderfool residence situated in Bratto, a village at the top of Seriana valley, about 100 km from Milan and 45 Km from Bergamo in Italy. Bratto is inserted in the imposing frame of the Orobiche Prealps and it has a vast territory (approximately 42 Km2). It is perfect for skiers in winter and for mountain walkers (or simply people loving nature) in summer; this is a lovely part of the world.

Villa Teresa is situated at only 500 meters from the center of the village, and nearest the communal sport center, where are situated lot of sporting facilities and where take place the International Chess Festival .

Villa Teresa is composed of four furnished apartments, composed by 2 double bedrooms, an habitable kitchen, wide dining lunch with fireplace, one bath, two balconies, garage and garden.